Welcome to SAERC

Welcome to SAERC
Welcome to our School with colors of the pride flag in the background

On behalf of all staff of SAERC, we would like to formally welcome everyone back to school following what we hope was a relaxing and energizing summer break. As we open SAERC to this year’s students, you will notice that the staff have been preparing their classroom spaces as well as the building in preparation of another great year.

New to SAERC this year, we have our Grade 9 students arriving for the first time as the “official” Grad Class of 2026.  Our sincere wish to all new and returning students is that you feel welcome, a sense of belonging and eager to grow with us this school year.

In addition, this is obviously our final year for our Grade 12’s who will be starting their final year at SAERC as the Grad Class of 2023. There are numerous events planned for this year that we hope will provide this class with ample opportunities to focus themselves on achieving their academic goals and planning their future.

In preparing for all students at SAERC, we are focused on providing the right balance between academic growth, social growth and student well-being. Our staff is dedicated to creating a school that nurtures each one of these qualities in a safe and inclusive environment. We believe in a wholistic approach to education and support all learners through our practices, as well as parental support. We hope that your child’s journey with us becomes embedded with the values of lifelong learning. SAERC’s vision statement greets students and visitors upon entry with the belief that SAERC is committed to promoting and maintaining a respectful caring and safe environment that encourages academic and social growth.”

SAERC operates like all high schools in Nova Scotia, which means that we run on volunteers. We are always welcoming support for our extra-curricular programming, our School Advisory Council, and chaperones for academic and social events. Please feel free to contact us at school if you are interested in helping us with the many opportunities we have planned for our students. We are all Saints after all!

As we move forward into this year, we would like to invite all parents, guardians and students to join our many systems of communication. SAERC will share information regarding school activities, events, and dates using:

We will be relying upon these platforms as we share information with you during this year.

Welcome to SAERC!

Rob Allen, Principal
Jill Burton, Vice Principal