What to Expect at SAERC in Spetember

What to Expect When returning to school at SAERC

Upon Arrival and Dismissal:

· Students that arrive by SRCE busses will socially distance in the main mall, cafeteria, or over looking the pool area until 8:30 when all students will be instructed to report TO HOMEROOM, or their first period.

· Students that drive or walk are encouraged to arrive NO Earlier than 8:30

· At the end of day, students that walk or drive must leave SAERC as soon as possible. If not receiving extra help.

· students that are waiting for busses can wait in their classes unitl 2:55 PM, or the main mall/cafeteria

· buss passes will no longer be issued to students without authorization from SRCE transporation.

In Classrooms:

· All grade 9 classes will remain in one room for all classes except Phys. Ed, or Music. Outside classrooms are allowed at any time (weather permitting)
Room 255 Grade 9A
Room 260 Grade 9B
Room 258 Grade 9C (French Immersion)

· grades 10-12 will have homeroom first period on Tuesday and each morning for the first week. all homeroom lists will be posted in the mainmall to help direct students.

· Teachers will rotate to the rooms on the bell schedule.

· Students 10-12 will follow their student schedules given to them in homeroom

· All students at SAERC 9-12 will be required to wear a mask inside schools except if they are seated at their desks while two metres apart and facing in the same direction.

· They must also be worn in hallways and other common areas if a two-metre distance cannot be maintained.

· You will receive 2 reusable non-medical masks in homeroom

· No Sharing!

· Remember that students are not to share any school materials.

· If students are using school items (tools, sports equipment, etc.) they must be sanitized after use.

· If students need to school materials, let your teacher know.


General Hygiene:

· medical masks can be picked up at the main office if you lose or forget yours.

· Hand hygiene will be a large part of SAERC’s safety plan. “Clean in, clean out!” Hand sanitizer stations are located through out the building.

· Soap and water works well too

· All water fountains are shut off, except water fill stations located:
Gymnasium, on the
Main floor near the elevator, and on the Third floor besides the washrooms


General COVID-19 Practices:

· Hallways are marked with arrows showing which way to walk.

· Classroom halls are all one-way traffic

· Please maintain 2m spacing through the halls

· Students will not be able to access lockers. Please make sure all materials are kept safe in your school bags.

· Students that did not clean out their lockers last year will be allowed to do so during an extended home room later in the first week of school.

· Parents/guardians will not be allowed inside the building to drop off packages for students. students will meet their parents/guardians at the main entrance.

Breakfast Program and Lunch:

· SAERC breakfast program will run each morning in our cafeteria. Until 8:50. AM. Please feel free to drop in and grab breakfast for free.

· During Lunch students (9-12) with signed permission to leave property forms will be allowed to leave (11:50-12:35).

· If students would like to stay SAERC during lunch, the cafeteria, as well as overflow tables can be found throughout the main mall.