SAERC June Exam Schedule

SAERC's June Exams begin this June 17 (NSVS only), and then formally on June 19-24 for SAERC courses. Please find the complete schedule attached to this page. If students are aware of any examination conflicts please report to your teachers, and guidance. Alternate arrangements will be made for students in a conflict situation.

If you son/daughter is absent on the day of an exam, a medical note will be required in order to have a re-write date. Otherwise all exams not written will be scored with a zero.

Although while highly unlikely, should there be a school closure due to physical plant failure (no water or electricity) during the examination week, the exam schedule will be bumped forward one day. For example, if school is cancelled on Monday, then the exam scheduled for Monday will be written on Tuesday, extending the exam week by one day and pushing all other exams one day later as well.

Should distance educaiton exams be cancelled due to physical plant failure, then they will be written the next day in the afternoon (12:15 PM)

If you have any questions related to the exam schedule, please contact your teacher or SAERC administration at 902-625-1929