SAERC June Exam Schedule

Regulations for Students during Examination Periods

June Schedule (view here)

  • Examination Schedule

Students are responsible for knowing when your examinations are being written.  If you “sleep in” or “forget” when an examination is being written, you will not be permitted to do a makeup examination.
Students absent from school on the day of an exam will require administrator's permission in order to write any exams missed. Missed exams will be written the next day.

  • Examination Times

Students are expected to be at school by 8:45 AM. Examinations are scheduled from 9:00-11:30 AM. The earliest dismissal is 10:30 AM; students leaving their examination room at the early dismissal need to vacate the hallways immediately.

  • Writing Areas
    The location for your examination is often in the classroom where you normally take that course.  However, you must verify this with your classroom teacher prior to the exam in case there is a change. Exam schedules have been posted in all your classrooms since early January.

  • Examinations are a major percentage of your course evaluation.  Anyone not taking the            examination seriously or causing any distraction in an examination room will be removed from that room and given an automatic zero for the examination.


  • All personal belongings which include extra books, notebooks, papers, jackets or hats will be placed at the front of the room or at home if possible. Foolscap will be provided by the school.

  • Earliest dismissal times are to ensure that as few interruptions as possible occur during

the examination periods. Students leaving exam room should vacate hallways immediately.

  • If school is cancelled during the examinations, the entire exam schedule will be moved ahead so that the last exams to be written can be held on the make-up day.
    E.g. If Tuesday is cancelled, then Tuesday’s exam will be written on Wednesday, etc.   


Please Note:

  • Students do not have to be in school if they are not scheduled to write an exam. 

  • It is not necessary to call in an excuse to the school if you are not scheduled to write.

  • Buses will run at the regular time in the afternoon.  Students who stay at school for the afternoon will be placed in supervised study halls.

  • Cafeteria will be open for our free breakfast program in the morning but will be closed for lunch.

  • All electronic devices including cell phones, and Apple Watches, are prohibited in the exam room. Cell phones must be turned off and left on the teacher’s desk during the exam.