SAERC January Examinations

SAERC exams will run during this week, and are listed on the official schedule (here).

A previously mentioned in the January Newsletter, exams are scheduled for SAERC from January 25-28th. As always, we can only accommodate for weather as best we can, and in anticipation of SAERC’s exams we would like to review once more the storm policy of the SRCE.

As in the past, the exam schedule will be adjusted by advancing it one day for each missed exam day in the event of school cancellation. If there is a cancellation at SAERC, exams scheduled for that day will be written by students and moved ahead one day. Specifically, if exams to be written on Monday are cancelled by a storm, it would be then moved to Tuesday.

The administration and evaluation day for grade 9-12 teachers on Friday, January 29th would also move if there is a cancellation, so Thursday exams can be written on Friday if necessary (also changing the start date for Semester 2 if the move occurs).


Monday, January 25, 2021 (All day) to Thursday, January 28, 2021 (All day)