SAERC Athletic Awards

SAERC Athletic Awards 2019-2020

SAERC Athletics is proud to release our 2020 Athletic Award winners for this year!


SAERC admin would like to thank our coaches and team managers, who have contributed to SAERC’s student well being, personal growth, and confidence in all that they do. Your countless hours of dedication to our youth, and community makes our students who they are, but it is clear that as volunteers, you are Saints too!


All awards listed here will be given out to our graduates during the SAERC Graduation Recognition Ceremony June 25-26th, with Awards for students in grades 9-11 being ready for pick-up on June 29th


Congratulations to all of our SAERC Saints, awards winners and team members alike!



Boys MVP - Brady MacNeil

Boys Coaches award-Simon Maltby

Girls MVP -Brea Campbell

Girls coaches award- Hannah Welsh


SAERC Cross Country:
Sr Boys
MVP - Jeremy Williams
Coaches Award - Kyle Holder

Sr Girls

MVP - Kearah Kennedy
Coaches Award - Kate Steele

Int Girls Coaches Award - Ava MacDonald, Hallie MacNeil, Cora Kehoe, Georgia Cummings

Int Boys
MVP - Grant Cameron & Ryan Digout
Coaches Award - Joseph Rapp


Girls Soccer:
MVP- Emma Foster/ Clare Glover

Coaches award- Cassie Cameron
Most improved- Katelyn Clow


Boys Soccer:
MVP - Andrea Zovatto
Leadership Award – Federico Zovatto and Jeremy Williams
Rookie of the year – Blake Marchand


SAERC Hockey:
MVP: Brady White 
Leadership: Harrison MacFadyen

Top Player: Mike MacLean and Andre Gerroir


Girls Basketball:
MVP Lauren Meisner
coach’s award: Regyn MacDonald -
Rookie: Annie Maltby


Boys Basketball:
Most Valuable Player – Brendan MacDonald
Saints Award for Hardest Worker – Evan MacNeil|
Coaches Award – Andre Gerroir


SAERC Curling Teams
Girls MVP - Kate Steele
Boys MVP - Simon Maltby
Mixed Team MVP: Andrea Zovatto


Senior Girls Volleyball:
MVP: Abbie Warner
Coaches Award: Kailey Brennan

Coaches Award: Brea Campbell


SAERC JV Volleyball
MVP: Ava MacDonald
Coaches: Hope Gillis- Murray

Most Improved: Ava Tibbo


SAERC Unified Basketball:

Coaches Award: Elizabeth Hadley, Luke Blair

MVP: Dustin MacColl

Most Dedicated: Kayla Stewart

Team Awesome Award: Kyle Holder, Sara Pluta, Leo MacLean

Unified Leadership Award: Allison Pluta, Lucy MacLean, Sheri Bouchie


Special Awards:

James Poirier Athletic Award: Brady White

Brianna Lundrigan “Breezie” Award: Hannah Snow

Carly Bunyan Memorial Award: Brea Campbell and Sherri Bouchie
Male Athlete of the year: Brendan MacDonald and Brady White

Female Athlete of the year: Brea Campbell and Abby Warner



Varsity S Award winners:

  1. Abby Warner
  2. Andre Gerrior
  3. Brady White
  4. Brea Campbell
  5. Brendan MacDonald
  6. Cassie Cameron
  7. Emma Foster
  8. Faith Morgan
  9. Federico Zovatto
  10. Gabe Organ
  11. Hannah Snow
  12. Jeremy Williams
  13. Kayla Stewart
  14. Kyle Holder
  15. Lauren Meisner
  16. Margaret Doiron
  17. Mya Bouchier
  18. Natalie Cameron
  19. Samantha Haydar
  20. Shea Pollard
  21. Sherrie Bouchie
  22. Simon Maltby