Our School

Strait Area Education Recreation Centre (SAERC)

304 Pitt St, Unit 1, Port Hawkesbury,NS B9A 2T9 625-1929

Tel: (902) 625-1929/2959
Fax: (902) 625-1868


SAERC Vision Statement:

SAERC is committed to promoting and maintaining a respectful, caring and safe environment that encourages academic and social growth.

SAERC first opened its doors to students in 1977 as a state-of-the-art educational and recreational facility. A multi-phased retrofit over the last several years has modernized the building for the benefit of our students.

SAERC currently serves grades nine to twelve students and the student population for the 2021-2022 school year is 314.


SAERC Administration 2021-2022

Principal: Rob Allen (rob.allen@srce.ca)

Vice-Principal: Nicola Kuhn (nicola.kuhn@srce.ca)

School Counsellor: Carleen Matheson (carleen.matheson@srce.ca)

Email: saerc@srce.ca